Original and Green

In a world where we keep our head bent, looking to our Smartphone screens, Green Tag could not possibly be avoided by the pedestrians.

Green Tag, launched in Romania in 2017, also called Reverse graffiti, was developed, in the 2000s, by the English street artist Paul "Moose" Curtis. Today it is used for worldwide advertising campaigns on the streets and avenues of major cities (Berlin, London, New York, Paris, Milan, San Francisco)...

Green TAG is an environmentally friendly and ephemeral marking carried out by projection through a stencil. High pressure with water or chalk paint. The marking lasts for a week, on average.It is possible to extend its life according to the needs of advertisers.

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Wake up your brand

Advertising campaigns on cardboard cups in coffee vending machines

Leader in the advertising cups market in France for 8 years, (Easy Jet, Mondelēz International, Ferrero...) CUP FACTORY proposes to the advertisers to communicate within the enterprises or public places through the intermediary of the cups in the coffee vending machines for the fame and traffic campaigns (Internet sites/selling points)

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