Alt media factory

Alt media factory

ALT Media Factory, is an alternative media agency offering 2 new communication supports:

  • CUP FACTORY, displaying campaign on recyclable paper cups in coffee machines. Advertisers can target businesses and places with high traffic.
  • Green TAG, a clean monochrome and ephemeral ground marking carried out only by projection of water through a stencil. Advertisers choose places of marking according to the product to promote.


Widely implanted in strategic networks (more than 4,000 in Romania), Alt media factory offers new MEDIA opportunities. The segmentation of our location allows you to implement tactical campaigns (proximity, precise targeting, geo-marketing...) or Mass Media campaigns (audience, power...)

ALT media factory communicates exclusively through materials with low environmental impact, which can be re used and/or recycled.

The story

The creation of Alt Media Factory is closely related to the history of CUP FACTORY France. Indeed, created in 2009 while alternative media were booming in France, this last grew quickly thanks to its portfolio of important companies fond of innovations, and the expansion of its distribution network, quickly passing this way from a regional dimension to a national one. Since 2012, due to the consequence of the economic crisis and the blur of the advertising cups novelty effect, CUP FACTORY must revitalize its offer.  This is why it launched new services associated with snacking (SEO and full covering), niche which will quickly find its customers within the leaders in the sector. At the same time, it filed its marketing patent of the QRCode on Cups, allowing it to develop the concept of "Instant winner" at the coffee machine. In direct competition with the mass media, and always affected by the after crisis that hinders investment of advertisers, CUP FACTORY sees its activity decline again in 2016.

It is at this time that Benjamin HUET decides to move to Romania, seeing here an opportunity to develop his concept in a country where everything is to be built in alternative media. Based on his experience in France, he created his agency of alternative media in June 2016 - HB Cup Advertising branded Alt Media Factory - and joins ERKA, a Romanian advertising agency, which becomes its governance.  The first campaign of advertising cups has been made since November 2016, bringing a valuable contribution in cash to build and propose a multi media offer adapted to the Romanian market. This is the way in which, following a market research, the concept of Green TAG is held alongside CUP FACTORY Romania.

The story remains now to be written...!