Green tag

The power of a campaign of Mass Media (wide audience) and the proximity of a Hors media campaign (precise targeting)

The ecological solution (Format Large = 1,30 x 1.80 m) represents a real alternative, or reinforcement of proximity in the classic display.

Strategic locations offered to the brands: subway exits, bus stops, places of consumership, places for spending the spare time life (café terraces, shopping places, stores exits) enterprises exits (headquarters, business centers..), student places (universities and private schools), bikes lanes, parks...

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Cup factory

A Strong and Efficient Media

Becoming an outstanding partner of the Romanian companies of vending machines, CUP FACTORY disposes of a strong network of 2 0000 coffee vending machines distributed in more than 1 500 companies (headquarters, corporations) or public places (railway stations, airports, hypermarkets) in the most important cities in the country.

This powerful plan allows the advertiser to distribute his advertising message on 2 million cardboard cups during 1 month throughout the country.

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